"In 2001 I began a journey with bilateral knee replacement which was very successful. Five years later I contracted a staff infection which settled in my left knee, the worse knee with the initial replacement. I became a "mystery" to my doctor and many other colleagues as no other patient had this happen 5 years later. After 6 different infections removals and surgeries, my left knee was totally removed, a rod was inserted and leg was fused together and unable to bend as well as being several inches shorter. By the grace of God I survived the infections, surgeries and I am able to walk again!

Through all of my surgeries and recoveries, the love and support I received from family, friends, strangers and our church family at Faith Community Church have been unbelievable! So by faith, prayer, love, support and the grace of God I am alive and Walking By Faith! I have been blessed in so many ways and by so many!


Larry Kelly, Georgia